If making preneed arrangements interests you but you still have a few questions, please feel welcome to contact us.  Below are some commonly asked questions, but you may have others that can be answered by our preneed consultants. 

Please feel welcome to call our San Marcos Chapel at 760-744-4522 or our Vista Chapel at 760-726-2555 or email preneed@allenbrothersmortuary.com  to make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation with one of our preneed specialists.  You may also choose to complete our online form and we'll contact you as you request on the form.


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How will making preneed arrangements benefit my family? TOP

Prearranging your own funeral removes the decision-making burden from your survivors by making your personal choices known well in advance of need.  Family members will not have to worry and wonder if they are making the right choices or the choices you would have wanted made. 

Your family will also not have to pay for your funeral services and merchandise at the time of your death when you have pre-selected, pre-signed, and pre-paid for your funeral arrangements.



What is the difference between preplanning and prearranging? TOP

Preplanning is the process of selecting the merchandise and services and placing them on file at the funeral home.  At Allen Brothers Mortuary, we provide this service as a courtesy and at no charge.  This eliminates some of the emotional stress for your surviving loved ones.

Prearranging involves payment for the service and merchandise choices to help reduce the financial burden on your family.



How does Allen Brothers handle the payment of preneed arrangements? TOP

Because mortuaries are not allowed by law to hold funds in advance of a death, Allen Brothers Mortuary has chosen to work with Great Western Insurance Company, who offers insurance plans to meet the needs of our families.

We also work with and accept preneed or prefunded arrangements from many other insurance plans, including but not limited to, National Guardian Life (NGL), Homesteaders, and Forethought, just to name a few.  In addition, we accept preneed insurance transfers for your arrangements made at other mortuaries, including those from out of state.

All Preneed Consultants at Allen Brothers Mortuary focus on finding the best options for each family we serve.



What if I'm out of town when I die? TOP

With Great Western Insurance, if your preneed exceeds $2,000.00 and you die 250 miles or more away from home, an additional $500. benefit is provided to assist with transportation home or other needs.  In addition, there is also a low-cost worldwide travel plan available.

Please check your individual insurance plan to see what specific benefits it offers.



What if I move away from this area? TOP 

Your plan is transferable nationwide because the funds are secured for you with Great Western Insurance Company.  Most insurance plans include this nationwide coverage transfer but check with your individual plan for their specific details.



What if I want to make changes in the future?  TOP

YOU can make changes to your prearrangements at any time BUT you are the only one who can make any changes, unless you have given written permission to someone else.



How will making prearrangements affect my estate? TOP

The preneed plan is generally made irrevocable to protect you from government attachment, such as Medi-Cal and SSI.  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medi-Cal cannot consider your irrevocable preneed plan as an asset and there is no luxury or estate tax on your plan.



What about future cost increases? TOP

The plan you choose makes sure your "services and merchandise" are guaranteed at no additional cost to your family.  Allowances can be added to your plan but are not guaranteed.  These allowances may include, but are not limited to, certified copies of the death certificate, honorariums, and obituaries.  These are not mortuary expenses but are items the mortuary can help you with under the "Cash Advance" category.  Sales tax is also a non-guaranteed cost and will be adjusted according to the current rate at the time of need.

Changes to the merchandise in your plan are sometimes requested by the family; if these changes increase the cost of the merchandise, the family will be responsible for paying the increase difference, along with the difference in sales tax.



What is not covered under prepaid arrangements? TOP

Certain fees cannot be covered or guaranteed under preneed arrangements because they are charged by outside agencies and vendors.  However, you have the option of choosing to set aside an allowance toward these fees to further reduce the financial impact on your family.  These items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales tax on merchandise
  • Permit for burial
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificate
  • Newspaper notices
  • Honorariums (fees) for minister or music
  • Limousine 
  • Cemetery expenses
  • Crematory expenses
  • Motorcycle Escorts (for procession to cemetery)
  • Hairdresser
  • Coroner/Medical Examiner fees, if applicable



What if I die before the payments are completed? TOP

In most cases, if you answered "no" to the health questions, your plan is paid off at the time of your death.  However, if you answered "yes" to any of the health questions, you will receive partial coverage as outlined in your application.  Please check your individual plan for specific details.

If death is caused by an accident, 100% of your pre-funded funeral plan is paid for, regardless of the original answers to the health questions.



Is interest charged on the payment plans? TOP

There is no interest charged on the pre-paid funeral plan written through Great Western Insurance Company.  If you wish to stay on a payment plan for more than two years, insurance fees will be charged.  However, if you choose to pay your plan off at any time during the first year, you will pay $100 or 3% of the total face amount, whichever is greater.  Or, if you choose to pay your plan off in the second year, you will pay $200 or 6%. 

Please check your individual insurance company's plan for specific details.

Your Preneed Consultant can explain additional options and answer any questions you may have. 



What if the mortuary goes out of business? TOP

Your plan is protected by Great Western Insurance Company, or the insurance company who wrote your plan, and can be transferred to another mortuary if the need arises.

Allen Brothers Mortuary is in its second generation of family operation.  In February of 2014, our Vista Chapel celebrated its 50th anniversary and our San Marcos Chapel celebrated its 25th anniversary.  We're here to stay and, in fact, we accept preneed arrangements made at other mortuaries to assist families.