Pre-planning allows your loved ones to reflect upon the memories of your life rather than the details of your death.  

The emotional stress of arranging a funeral within days of losing a loved one can be overwhelming. Perhaps the greatest gift each of us can give our family is to relieve them of this burden by pre-planning our own funeral.

The benefits of prearranging your own services include:

  • Decisions are made at a stress-free time allowing you to make detailed, practical choices that reflect your ideals
  • Financial considerations are decided in advance by you
  • Your personal choices are known and will be carried out as planned
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You choose the option best for you:

Courtesy arrangements without payment - information only is kept on file at the mortuary for use by your family upon your death.

Pre-paid arrangements - guarantees the services and merchandise will be delivered as arranged in your preneed at no additional cost once paid in full. Payment options include:

  • Single payment in full
  • Monthly payment options
  • Other options are available. Please ask your Preneed Consultant for more information.

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