A DIRECT CREMATION does not include any visitation or service.  Many families take the cremains home in a urn.  Some families will later decide to scatter the cremains at sea, bury them in a cemetery plot, or place them in a niche.  The following is a list of services included in this package price.

Direct Cremation - $ 1,885.00

  • Transfer of deceased to mortuary (25 mile radius)
  • Refrigeration of unembalmed remains (3 days)
  • Basic services of Funeral Director and staff
  • Crematory fee (up to 295 lbs.)

PLEASE NOTE: Additional charges may apply depending on your selection of merchandise, other services, and/or cash advance items.


 Other items we can assist with are priced according to your choices and may include:


  • Casket Rental and/or Cremation Container
  • Urn
  • Flowers
  • Memorial Folders and/or Prayer Cards
  • Guest Book
  • Keepsake Items
  • Flag Case
  • Thank You or Acknowledgment Cards
  • Crucifix
  • Engraved Name plate

Other Services

  • Shipping of Cremated Remains
  • Scattering at Sea

Cash Advance Items
(We will pay for these items on your behalf and itemize them on your contract.)

  • Permit
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificate
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Honorariums (fees) for minister or music, etc.
  • Limousine
  • Cremation fees (over 299 lbs. if applicable)
  • Cemetery expenses
  • Motorcycle Escorts (for procession to cemetery)
  • Hairdresser
  • State regulatory fee
  • Coroner/Medical Examiner fees, if applicable

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